Effective: October 9, 2020

These terms and conditions reflect an agreement between the Nextbridge Institute and a prospective student. Please thoroughly read these T&C’s cautiously. By signing the registration form or accepting these T&Cs, you undertake the Institute’s rules & regulations, policies & procedures stated underneath. You certify that you have thoughtfully read and completely agree to all such terms and further confirm that you authorize the Institute to sign you up on a program on your behalf.

We reserve a right to modify and update these T&Cs from time to time. Any adjustments brought in to the contract by the Institute will be made noticeable on the Institute’s website, which you would consult frequently. We shall take complete responsibility to bring those changes to the attention of our students before practically applying.

1) Training Services

  • While we seek to provide world-class courses, it is a requirement for the trainee to judge the utility of a course/certification on his/her own before registering. The Institute is not liable/responsible for any action taken by the student on picking a course/certification for his/her career
  • Institute has the right to investigate and examine students’ information provided by the Institute Management in making decisions regarding alleged breaches of the Institutes’ code of student conduct. In the case of disruptive/unreasonable conduct during the course, Nextbridge Institute management has the right to dispel student from taking future courses. Any of the evidence processed in relation to examination under the code of student conduct will be treated off the record
  • In the event of Holidays/special days/worst contingencies, the missing training hours will be compensated by the Institute either during weekends or alternate days as per the convenience/availability of trainer or trainee

2) Payment of Services

  • Nextbridge Institute is not obliged to make any refunds once the course/program fee is waged

3) Pricing Disclaimer

  • All prices on the Nextbridge Institute website are subject to change without notification
  • Whereas the Institute makes possible effort to arrange for you the most accurate, up-to-date info, seldom, one or more course items on our website may be inappropriately priced. This might happen due to human errors, digital images, technical errors, or additional reasons
  • The Nextbridge Institute shall have the right to refuse or cancel the course registered at the incorrect price. The student, of course, will have a chance to register again at the accurate price if so wish

4) Change of Price Terms

  • The Nextbridge Institute reserves the right to change course fees or provide certain offers. The Institute may make any corrections to subject to course/certificate fee changes, course termination, errors in advertisements, and other extenuating circumstances. Nonetheless, the fee paid at the time of registration still holds for you