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Nextbridge (software house) is an offshore software company that has worked on numerous technologies, with 27+ years of experience in the industry. With the top software engineers and developers as its workforce, Nextbridge intends to make a change with tech-driven solutions. Technology is the future and its combination with online and face to face resulted in the birth of Nextbridge Institute. The vision behind this initiative is to prepare our youth for a better tomorrow.


Nextbridge Institute is the best platform to learn online and face to face courses in Lahore. It is your next step to learn tech skills online and empower yourself with the latest technology courses. Advance your learning experience with the latest courses, taught by industry experts and technology specialists.

Nextbridge Institute aims to provide a platform, where everyone can join from anywhere irrespective of age, profession, and status. It is an initiative led by Nextbridge to promote technology learning. You get to learn top courses from the best geeks in the business.


I have completed my MEAN Stack course with Nextbridge Institute. Fahad Nisar has done a phenomenal job, as he made us learn in a very innovative way. If you are a beginner, I would strongly recommend this course to learn MEAN Stack for the first time or even if you want to update your skills and knowledge as per the latest trends. Thanks, Nextbridge Institute!

Irfan Muhammad

I've completed MEAN Stack training at Nextbridge Institute. All topics are covered step by step following the practical application of the knowledge. Trainers are really friendly and make it easy to learn. You get answers to all your queries, as in my case all the confusion went away. I strongly recommend Nextbridge Institute for MEAN Stack training. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Waleed Tariq


I have completed the MEAN Stack course by Sir Fahad Nisar. He is knowledgeable and a subject expert when it comes to Mean stack and its practical experience. He provided individual attention to every student to clear out all the doubts and explained each concept in an easy to understand way. His invested efforts helped me a lot.


I am happy to share that this course provided me with an enriching experience to enhance my knowledge. It enabled me to communicate effectively using both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The awesome part was that it was my first experience with remote learning and online courses. Our instructor did a tremendous job despite the course being online with certain challenges. It reminded me of my student days not so long ago and boosted my spirit. It is not only the best way to enhance your interpersonal skills, but you also become more punctual, energized, and disciplined.

Usman Saleem

The course was really proved helpful for both my professional and personal life. I just really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. The material used for teaching this course is very informative and up to date. Our instructor was very passionate and her way of teaching is effective and easy. I don’t recall even a single second when I lost focus during the course. The classes are curated in a way to attract your attention and engage all the students individually. The method to teach through examples helped in understanding to diagnose every communication challenge that we face. I suggest it to everyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills.

Samrah Akram