Introduction to Video Editing

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Video Editing-course

Introduction to Video Editing

You’re running a YouTube channel and don’t exactly know how to remove unwanted footage? You want great views on your video but find it hard to add rich media, music, and best material in it? Maybe you already know how to design a video but want to give you a taste of what’s it’s like to make a powerful video. Worry not for we have got you!

You can take this short yet professional video editing course to learn each skill that is required to be a successful video editor. It’s finally time to start your journey as a content creator!

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding digital video: foundations of Premiere Pro editing
  • Learning the Premiere Pro interface
  • Learning to edit clips in the Premiere Pro timeline
  • Using video & audio transitions in Premiere Pro
  • Learning to use Premiere Pro graphics
  • Working with imported graphics in Premiere Pro
  • Using Premiere Pro Video Effects
  • Learning to stabilize shaky footage with Premiere Pro
  • Using greenscreen footage in Premiere Pro
  • Outputting video from Premiere Pro

Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Time: 5PM 6PM

Early bird discount:  20%

Course Features

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  • Duration 2 Months
  • Language English
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